Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The Greatest Books About Everything

The Greatest Book About (TM) Everything


When the God Particle was discovered, the tried to call it the Higg's Boson.  But - it will always be known as the 'God Particle' - why?  Because that's where it's from.  That's what it does.  And because it makes everything that matters.

When Donald Trump took office in January of 2017, everyone thought - well, at least everything is about to change drastically - but is this the kind of change we deserve and want and need?

When Charles Darwin discovered Evolution, he didn't go back to the beginning of life everywhere.  He only went back to the beginning of life on Earth.  We will in the rest of the 14 billion missing years in his theory.

When Einstein died, he did so without being able to prove his most important theory of Relativity - that there is only ONE FORCE - we did the hard thought experiments Einstein didn't have time to complete - God rest his soul.

The Greatest Book About Consciousness

When you think about who you really are, you keep coming up with the missing 'I' in 'Who am I?' question.  If we're all connected to a source of life, the source of Creation, then, the answer to this question is far more easily understood.

The Greatest Course On Consciousness

When you think if Consciousness - we tend to think about it in human terms - in other words only humans have this unique feature of the awareness of our own self.  Yet, all other animals exhibit this same quality if tested properly.  But, what's even more astounding is that even inanimate objects - when put to the test - have an awareness of themselves - for example - 'Entangled Electrons'.

The Greatest Book About The Greatest Force

When you think about the Big Bang, which happened nearly 14 billion years ago - you have to wonder - what came before that?

Electrons are the basis of our society today.  Everything we rely on and depend upon for our society runs on the Force that is produced by Electrons.  But, did you know that there is a Force that produces Electrons and always will be.

The Science of 'Entangled Electrons' is new, but it may someday replace the entire Science of Electricity when we learn how to exploit the force that makes the Electron Spin, instead of using only the Force that makes the Electrons Flow.  It's like getting hydro-electric power from a Flowing River and putting a Dam on it, like the Hoover Dam.  There's a ton of electricity being generated every day from the flow of the water, through the dam and into the Electrical generators at Hoover Dam.  But, imagine the power that could be generated if instead of the flow of all those drops of water through the dam, how much power could be obtained from the Atomic Energy from every drop of water.

The Universe is infinite.  But how much can we learn about Infinity?  Turns out - quite a bit.

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